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I hope you enjoyed my site?! Please take the time to leave any comments and suggestions for the site or for cartoons. Don't forget to use the contact me page, if you would like a reply!

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Guestbook entry of Lurds, at 07:37 26.10.2013
Emily - Absolutely stunning work and I can not wait to see the rest next week! Thank you so much Amanda for<a href=""> cpnauritg</a> our wedding just the way we wanted to remember it!
Guestbook entry of Ajay, at 18:25 25.10.2013
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Guestbook entry of Robert Turner, at 10:30 22.04.2013
Hi John,

A quick note of thanks for our chat, and your drawing, yesterday in Shrewsbury. It was a great event with a very friendly atmosphere. I look forward to it taking place next year, when I will visit armed with biking friends.
Guestbook entry of Tom Kanis, at 05:25 25.08.2011
Hello John,

I'm now semi-retired, just working part-time, but not with FlaktWoods. Got a new (to me) R1200RT BMW the other week. Hope things are well with you.
Guestbook entry of Ravenn, at 20:07 27.08.2010
Thank you for your comment in my blog! :-)I give you a call when I visit UK some day. I problably going there on tour with my husband on bikes.
I really enjoy the humour in your cartoons!
Guestbook entry of Soulgirl, at 11:00 27.09.2009
Thank you for my cartoon John, I love it!
Guestbook entry of HeyHo!LetsGo!, at 13:45 18.01.2009
Most excellent cartoons and words and everything. John, you sound like a really affable, interesting chap - we need more of your sort in this world! Ever done any website design?
Guestbook entry of Boomer, at 17:17 10.12.2008
Hi John
Nice cartoons well impressed im a bit of a cartoonist meself
Guestbook entry of sana, at 15:22 01.08.2008
Hey John!<br />
Great website & great toons!<br />
Truely hilarious :D as yourself!
Guestbook entry of John Paul Reeves, at 20:32 27.05.2007
My apologies to any visitors that find spam in my guest book. I'm emptying it regularly and looking for a way to minimise or prevent - but please still feel free to leave comments (I won't delete those!)
Guestbook entry of Raj, at 18:17 23.04.2007
Nice toons John, found your site by accident after searching for bikesafe in wikipedia, and got the commuter motorcycle club link, then looked at the Bike Action Group links. Saw the debate on MAG (of which I co-founded the West Cumbria/Whitehaven branch) and am affiliated to the BMF (their Kelso show is ggrrreet!). Boh have their part to play! Ride safe & free in G.B. & beyond.
Guestbook entry of Alex, at 21:53 07.03.2007
Great site, great cartoons and an all round great guy! Thanks for all your help in supporting the 'Long Way Up!'
Guestbook entry of karter257, at 19:47 25.02.2007
came to your site after see cartoon in 'The Road' some goods one especially like the bird watcher one
Guestbook entry of Spider, at 11:47 17.02.2007
Love the site and seriously impressed with Mr Reeves cartoons
Guestbook entry of Gary, at 20:50 16.02.2007
I wouldn't be where I am today without Mr Reeves and his wonderful cartoons. Good site by the way :)
Guestbook entry of Neil, at 20:45 16.02.2007
Excellent cartoons. Nice bloke.
Guestbook entry of Speed, at 13:32 16.02.2007
Absolutely, this website is wonderful - and whoever is consultant for technical help, resolving all these coding problems must be a genius ;-)

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