Iíll start with this, as it's probably the most important bit. I've been drawing...well, all my life really, and cartoons first featured heavily on exercise book covers in school, and birthday cards for mum and dad (letís face it, it was cheaper than buying them!).

Iíve done volunteer stuff, like cartoon props for panto, and stuff for my friends, but since 2005 I was urged into selling them to all deserving punters!

Many thanks to RBP Magazines for being my first regular customer!...But I've also done work for Advanced Smoke Technology (serious architect style water colours too ó and designed their business logo to boot), , and numerous other one offs here and there.

Business Experience

What you get is business knowledge and acumen, and sales and marketing experience. In a former life I was awarded Salesman of the year - twice - for Makita (UK) Power tools.

Up to June 2008 I worked for Flakt Woods, a large global HVAC manufacturing company, travelling internationally to develop business and complete presentations on Car Park ventilation. I wrote their car parks 12 page brochure.

Iím also a Full Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Iíve worked as a CAD/CAM draughtsman and designer, in sales, and in various management roles. In one job live TV featured as part of the role and I've been on BBC (I've got three GENUINE Blue Peter badges...don't cha know!?), Sky sports, Carlton, Granada, and given few local radio interviews too.

This means if you want cartoons for business, you've found a geezer that knows the ropes and understands the subtleties of the message.

International Connections

I have lived and worked in the USA and Norway and also visited (for work) , France, Belgium, Luxumbourg, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, India, Ireland, USA, Israel, and in other bits of my life: New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Malta, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Leichtenstein, Japan and Clacton.

So, you know, Iím fairly culturally aware.


Unsurprisingly, cartooning. But also Iím a keen motorcyclist, and ride a KTM990 Adventure - but I take that responsibly, Member of The Institute of Advanced Motorists and passed the RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclist Test (Gold). I service my own bike and understand the ethos and technicalities of biking.

I twang an electric guitar from time to time, I'm a gardener (of sorts) complete with pond, strawberries, asparagus and other goodies to eat - and I love nature and bird watching.